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The Constitution and First Amendment

"I believe in our constitution. It is a timeless document, enshrining our freedoms and defining our wonderful way of life. That also includes the freedom of speech, which is ingrained in our constitution."

I will do anything in my power to protect the constitution and its values and liberties. I will also ensure that the radical left will not be able to push their agenda on the Wyoming people and restrict our freedom to speak our minds.


The 2nd Amendment

"I believe in the right to keep and bear arms. Never shall that right be infringed. Our 2nd Amendment protects us from enemies, both foreign and domestic!"

I will never support any push to dismantle or reduce our gun rights. I rather vow to push for more liberties in terms of the 2nd Amendment and to preserve this right.

Dollar Bill in Jar


"During this pandemic, any tax increases will hurt our citizens. What we need now is to reduce our tax burden and lead ourselves back into prosperity."

History has revealed that high taxes never lead to prosperity and economical growth. I will oppose any new tax increases and will focus on tax reductions in order to beat this economic crisis.


Small Businesses

"As an owner of a small business in Sweetwater County, I know the challenges we all face. Yet I believe that our great business climate mad it possible for our state to achieve such a great economic growth."

I will fight for our small businesses by reducing red-tape and stopping any form of business taxes. Additionally, I will never support any form of government that dictates to us which business owner and worker is essential and which one is not.

Business Meeting
oil tanks

Energy Sector

"In Wyoming, we are truly blessed with the abundance of natural resources and the economic growth we have received from the extractive industries."

I pledge to protect the extractive industry from any attempts to over-regulation. We need to protect our main source of jobs and economic growth; no green new deal can replace this.


Law Enforcement

"During these troubling times we need to protect our great law-enforcement officers who put their lives in the line of fire to protect us from evil."

I will defend our men and women in blue. They need to have all the resources to keep our communities safe and complete their tasks.

Police Car
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage


"I am extremely proud of my two sons who have served for our beautiful country. We are truly blessed to have wonderful people in uniform fighting for our country."

I pledge to protect our military at all costs and ensure they receive all the proper funding to complete their mission. Additionally, our veterans need to be able to receive the best care and support we can get them.


"Our teachers are doing a tremendous job to keep our children safe and educating them in the best way possible. Our future generations deserve the best education they can get."

Education should be moved to local levels where opportunities are best met to suit the needs of the kids. I will pledge to protect our teachers and classrooms. Additionally, we should allow our children to receive opportunity scholarships if applicable.

Children Arriving at School
Vote buttons on flag


"Our country relies on the basic human right of voting, and I will ensure that this right will stay protected and that every vote counts."

We need an ID for almost everything nowadays, including purchasing a vehicle, opening a bank account and buying liquor. I will push for legislation that will mandate an ID at the voting booth.

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